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Gibraltar is a British overseas territory and a large promontory located on the southern Spanish coast. It is dominated by the Rock of Gibraltar, a 426m high limestone ridge. Founded by the Moors in medieval times and later ruled by Spain, this outpost was ceded to the British in 1713. The various layers of fortifications include the remains of the Moorish castle, dating back to the 14th century, and the Great Siege tunnels of the 18th century, which were enlarged During the Second World War.


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The city is also rich in museums and art galleries; the most famous is undoubtedly the Pinacoteca di Brera, which, together with the Poldi Pezzoli Museum and the Pinacoteca Ambrosiana, forms the network of Milan's most famous art galleries. Another remarkable circuit of museums is the Milanese museum houses. The Triennale di Milano, home to exhibitions of modern art, together with the Pavilion for Contemporary Art in Milan, form the city's exhibition venues for this type of art. To this should be added the science museums, namely the Milanese Planetarium, the Brera Astronomical Observatory, the Civic Museum of Natural History of Milan, the National Museum of Science and Technology, the Civic Aquarium of Milan and the dozens of small museums, including the museums from the Castello Sforzesco.

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Edinburgh has many museums and libraries. These include the National Museum of Scotland, the National Library of Scotland, National War Museum, the Museum of Edinburgh, Surgeons 'Hall Museum, the Writers' Museum, the Museum of Childhood and Dynamic Earth. The Museum on The Mound has exhibits on money and banking. Spanning 82 acres on Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh Zoo is the second most visited paid tourist attraction in Scotland, and currently home to two giant pandas, Tian Tian and Yang Guang, on loan from the People's Republic of China. Edinburgh is also home to The Royal Yacht Britannia, decommissioned in 1997 and now a five-star visitor and evening attraction, permanently docked at Ocean Terminal. Edinburgh contains Scotland's three National Galleries of Art and many smaller art galleries. The national collection is housed in the Scottish National Gallery, located on The Mound, comprising the associated National Gallery of Scotland building and the Royal Scottish Academy building. Contemporary collections are displayed in the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, which is located on a split site in Belford. The Scottish National Portrait Gallery on Queen Street focuses on portraits and photography.

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Florence, the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany, is home to many masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture. One of its most iconic landmarks is the Duomo, a cathedral with a terracotta-tiled dome designed by Brunelleschi and a bell tower by Giotto. The Galleria dell'Accademia displays Michelangelo's 'David' sculpture. The Uffizi Gallery shows Botticelli's 'The Birth of Venus' and da Vinci's 'Annunciation'.

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Top 10 Sights in Granada. Granada is a Spanish city and municipality, the capital of the same name and the Veiga de Granada region. The city is located in the broad depression of Granada formed by the River Genil, where the rivers Darro and Beiro meet in the city. The fertile plain of Veiga de Granada is bordered by the Huetor Mountains, northeast of the city, Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama to the southwest and the Sierra Nevada to the southeast. In the latter they are the highest mountains in the Iberian Peninsula. The city has distinguished itself in history as the capital of the Islamic kingdoms of Zirida (11th century) and Nasrida (13th-15th century). After its conquest by the Catholic Monarchs in 1492, it remained as the capital of the Castilian kingdom of Granada, which was nothing more than a territorial jurisdiction that lasted until 1833, when the division of Spain was carried out into provinces still in effect today . The municipal shield has the titles of "Mui noble, very loyal, appointed, great, famous and heroic city of Granada". Granada is the seat of the Archdiocese of the same name, the "Supreme Court of Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla" and the "Advisory Council of Andalusia". The latter are autonomous organs of the community of Andalusia, although the official capital is Seville.

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 San Sebastian en Baskenland
San Sebastián is een toeristenoord aan de Golf van Biskaje, in het Spaanse berggebied van Baskenland. Zijn bekendheid is verbonden met Playa de la Concha en Playa de Ondarreta, stranden omzoomd door een pittoreske promenade, en met wereldberoemde restaurants gerund door innovatieve chef-koks. In de geplaveide oude stad (Parte Vieja) bestaan ??luxe winkels naast levendige bars met pintxos, typische hapjes, vergezeld van lokale wijnen. Baskenland (Euskadi) is een autonome gemeenschap in Noord-Spanje met zeer sterke culturele tradities, een gerenommeerde keuken en een moedertaal die geboren is vóór de Romaanse talen. De bruisende stad Bilbao aan de rivier is een centrum van architectuur en design, waar grauwe fabrieken en scheepswerven worden afgewisseld met avant-gardistische monumenten zoals het Guggenheim Museum, een met titanium bekleed gebouw in een gerevitaliseerd gebied aan de oevers van de rivier.

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Dubai is the largest city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on the Persian Gulf and the capital of the Emirate of Dubai. About 85% of the Emirate's population lives in the city of Dubai. An exact survey is complicated because the fluctuations due to migration are large, as several tens of thousands of residents are added each year as migrant workers or immigrants. Almost all of the emirate's economic, social, cultural and political life takes place in Dubai. Dubai has been one of the most visited cities in the world since 2013 with up to 14 million foreign tourists annually. At more than $ 31 billion, Dubai also had the highest tourist income of any city. Dubai City is located on the northern edge of the Emirate of Dubai and is divided by the Dubai Creek, a 100 to 1300 meter wide and 14 km long bay of the Persian Gulf. In the past, the then independent cities of Deira were in the north and Bur Dubai in the south. Bridges are located somewhat away from the city center; Pedestrians are transported to the other side by small passenger ferries (abras). The city mainly stretches south along Jumeirah Beach and Sheikh Zayed Road, while Dubai borders the Emirate of Sharjah to the north. Thanks to a decades-long construction boom, Dubai is the city with the world's highest number of skyscrapers with a height of more than 300 meters and the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa, 828 meters).

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Sights in Seville. Andalusia (in Castilian: Andalucía) is an autonomous community of Spain. It is located in the southern part of the country. It is bordered on the west by Portugal; in the north, through Extremadura, Castile-Mancha and Murcia; and to the south by Gibraltar and bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, on a coastline of about 910 kilometers. The capital is the city of Seville, where the headquarters are, the Junta de Andalucía, while the Supreme Court of Andalusia has its headquarters in the city of Granada. Its name comes from Al-Andalus, the name that the Muslims gave to the Iberian Peninsula in the 8th century. It is the second largest autonomous Spanish community and the most populous. It became an autonomous community in 1982. According to its autonomous status, it has the status of "historical nationality".

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Venice, the capital of the Veneto region of Northern Italy, is built on more than 100 small islands in a lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. It has no roads, only canals - including the main road of the Grand Canal - lined with Renaissance and Gothic palaces. The main square, Piazza San Marco, contains St. Mark's Basilica, which is tiled with Byzantine mosaics, and the Campanile bell tower, which overlooks the city's red roofs.

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The Colosseum, the Coliseum or the Flavian Amphitheater is an elliptical amphitheater in Rome, built between 70 AD and AD 80. Emperor Vespasian began construction which was completed by his son Titus. During Roman times, there was a fight between wild animals, executions, gladiatorial contests and theater there in front of a large audience, maximum 87,000 spectators. However, a lot of animal feces and gladiatorial games were performed on Circus Maximus south of the Palatine Hill. The Colosseum has a circumference of 524 meters and is 48 meters high. The Colosseum got its name from a colossus, that is, a huge statue of Emperor Nero next to the building, towards the Roman Forum. The statue of Nero, which was 40 meters high, was made of gilt bronze. However, the Colosseum's official name is the Amphiteatrum Flavium or the Flavian Amphitheater, as it was founded during the Flavian dynasty's time with the Empire. Nero's Colossus was later melted down for the manufacture of weapons. The fortifications at the Colosseum were also pulled out and melted into weapons, which resulted in much of the outer part of the building collapsing in an earthquake. After this, large amounts of white marble were removed from the building, including the construction of St. Peter's Basilica and the Trevi Fountain. The remaining part of the building is yet another powerful sight and a popular tourist destination.

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 Canarische eilanden
De Canarische Eilanden, een Spaanse archipel voor de noordwestkust van Afrika, zijn vulkanische eilanden die bekend staan ??om hun zwarte en witte zandstranden. Het grootste eiland is Tenerife, gedomineerd door Teide, een actieve en af ??en toe met sneeuw bedekte vulkaan die een astronomisch observatorium herbergt en deel uitmaakt van het Teide National Park. In Santa Cruz de Tenerife, de hoofdstad van het eiland, vindt een groot carnaval plaats in de aanloop naar de vastentijd.

Canarische eilanden

Tickets to attractions in Rome. Vatican City (Italian: Stato della Città del Vaticano; Latin: Status Civitatis Vaticanae) is an independent state in the city of Rome. Vatican City, with 44 hectares and 1,000 inhabitants, is the smallest country in the world measured in area and population. Vatican City can be characterized as a church priesthood hierarchy - a natural theocracy - subject to the Bishop of Rome, the Pope. The top officials of the state are from all the multi-ethnic clergy of the Catholic Church. Since the papacy's return from Avignon in 1377, they were mainly kept in the Apostolic Palace, but sometimes they also resided in the Quirinal Palace in Rome itself. Vatican City should not be confused with the Holy See (Latin: Sancta Sedes), which has acted as the supreme authority of the Catholic Church's 1.2 billion followers since ancient times. The independent city-state of Vatican City was first founded with the Lateran Treaty (1929) between the Holy See and Italy. [9] The treaty mentions Vatican City as something new and not a relic of the much larger church state (756-1870) that had previously covered large parts of central Italy. Under the terms of the Treaty, the Holy See has full ownership and supremacy over the city-state. St. Peter's Basilica, the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum. Together they are home to some of the world's most famous works of art. The special economy of Vatican City is financed, among other things, by the sale of stamps, souvenirs and museum tickets. In 1984 Vatican City was on the UNESCO World Heritage List;

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The Top 10 Sights in Barcelona Barcelona, ??the cosmopolitan capital of Spain's Catalonia region, is known for its art and architecture. The Basilica of the Sagrada Familia and other iconic buildings designed by Antoni Gaudí are perfect examples of Catalan modernism. The Picasso Museum and the Joan Miro Foundation present works of art by the artists who gave them their names. The MUHBA, the Historical Museum of Barcelona, ??has several vestiges of the old Roman city. Born June 25, 1852 in Reus and died June 10, 1926 in Barcelona, ??Antoni Gaudí i Cornet is a Catalan architect of Spanish nationality and the foremost representative of Catalan modernism. The Casa Mila, ironically nicknamed "La Pedrera", is a building in Barcelona built between 1906 and 1910 by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí. Parc Guell is one of the achievements of the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí in Barcelona, ??which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

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The city's main cultural attraction in 2019 was the Basilica of Sacre-Coeur, followed by the Louvre; the Eiffel Tower (; the Center Pompidou; and the Musée d'Orsay. The center of Paris contains the most visited monuments in the city, including the Notre Dame Cathedral (now closed for restoration) and the Louvre as well as the Sainte-Chapelle; Les Invalides , where Napoleon's tomb is located, and the Eiffel Tower are located on the left bank southwest of the center. The Panthéon and the Paris Catacombs are also located on the left bank of the Seine. The banks of the Seine from the Pont de Sully to the Pont d'Iéna have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991. Other sights are laid out east to west along the historic axis of Paris, which runs from the Louvre through the Tuileries Garden, the Luxor column on the Place de la Concorde and the Arc de Triomphe to the Grande Arche of La Défense.


The King's living rooms and ceremonial rooms on the third and fourth floors were more or less completed in 1886. Neuschwanstein castle rooms on the second floor are still bare brick and are not visited. Neo-Gothic and Neo-Byzantine elements (the throne room) are also featured. As such, the castle is an example of eclectic Romantic era architecture. It is also typical of historicism in architecture.

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Top 10 Sights in Amsterdam. Famous residents include Anne Frank, artists Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh and philosopher Baruch Spinoza. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange, the world's oldest stock exchange, is located in the center of the city. The main attractions are the historic canals, the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum, the Hermitage Amsterdam, the Anne Frank House, the Amsterdam Museum, the shopping area and the many coffee shops, which attract more than 5 million visitors year

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